we are the ideal providers of a one-stop source for an extensive range of dry and frozen foodstuff and technical stores for all types of vessels. We provide all stores to ships base on giving our best services for all customer.

We carry a wide variety of items to suit all of the vessel's needs base on a reasonable price.

Working carefully on every process since prepared item until supply to the customer.

Focused on our clients as well as develop relationships with companies.

"we are non-stop to improved our services"

Client are the center of our business and we placed great value on developing
the best environments for our personnel to operate in.
We work to achieve this through:
Supporting our team at induction and on a day to day basis through agreed training plans and a documented operational manual.
Senior management are available 24/7 for our team to enable effective and quick decision making to support our clients.
We treat each other with respect and encourage our team to develop a stimulating and open work culture that encourages personal development, rewards competitively and celebrates success.
Our objective for success is to become the trusted supplier for our Clients. Our project based structure and margins are appropriate to maintain and develop the business.
We are not driven to grow revenue and profit year on year regardless of available opportunities. This allows us to stay firmly focused on our current clients as well as develop relationships with companies that see value in our services and that we are able to support.
Lucky Star Marine Supply Co.,Ltd. has a professional team staff with more than 10 years
experienced. We assure all the best of quantity and quality in every process of our services.